Flight training in beautiful
Ft. Lauderdale!



Florida Shuttle, Inc.
Licensed and insured

Now offering C172s at your choice of airports:  KFXE or KHWO! 


Specializing in

* Multi-Engine add-on
* Commercial
* Instrument
* CFI (Single, Multi, Instrument)

Private Pilot "finish up course"
* Time Building

Part 61 flexibility using a Part 141 syllabus

* TSA-approved for foreign pilots *

Financing is available.  Credit Cards Accepted.

NO hidden fees, NO surprises, FREE logbook evaluation,
ALL costs disclosed in writing before training begins





Prices may vary based upon your individual situation as well as the cost of fuel.  Please call for a personalized quote!

We train in
the following aircraft:

Cessna 172
Cessna 182

Cirrus SR-20
Piper Arrow Turbo

Beechcraft Duchess

Don't let money stand in the way of pursuing your personal or professional goals.  Let us help you secure financing with a licensed financial group.

Flight Training With Us:
Imagine seeing the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean during each take-off.  When you are located in the beauty of Southeast Florida, home to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach, that is what you get.  There is, quite simply, no place better in the US for your advanced pilot training. 

In addition to our US students, our reputation has brought in students from Norway, Brazil, Colombia, The Phillipines, Egypt,  UAE, Colombia, Indonesia, UK, and others.

Each training program has its own requirements as set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration.  Your instructor will act in strict accordance with the Part 61 of the most current Federal Air Regulations using an FAA-approved approved syllabus.


A NOTE ABOUT INSURANCE:  Renter's insurance is strongly recommended, even if you flew the Space Shuttle and F-18s on the USS Nimitz.  Avemco is one of the leaders in pilot renter insurance and we strongly encourge you to click the link below for a free, no-obligation quote.  Get a FREE, no obligation quote by clicking the Avemco logo right here...

Aviation Insurance



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